“This is the first time I’m performing at IIFA, this marks a special significance for me. I know that the expectations are huge and it is quite a challenge to match Prabhu Dheva’s moves but I’m going to work hard and I’m sure we are going to have a lot of fun as well.” —

“I dont think I had good songs earlier, I didnt have the confidence to perform on stage.” —

“Ranbir on his performance at IIFA 2012 - I’m actually doing Saadda Haq and Tai Tai Phiss and there’s a little surprise after that so I hope that you all will get surprised.” —

“Ranbir Kapoor - I’m looking forward to watch Shahid and Farhan host IIFA” —

“Ayushmaan Khurrana - Ranbir Kapoor, learned to play the guitar for Rockstar, and it actually looked real on screen.” —

“I saw the first episode (of Satyamev Jayate). I think it is very brave for a man like Aamir khan, you know with so much of temptations around him. So many different formats of shows that he could have done. He’s gone ahead and done this. It’s only gonna help the society. It’s only gonna change the way people think.” —

“I am comfortable working with Deepika, as we are thorough professionals. We are working together after three years so I have seen growth in her acting as well as in her appearance.” —

“I am coming from the shoots of the film Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, where I play a 20-year-old. I really worked hard on my looks. I got my left ear pierced and worked hard on the slim body. I am in love with the new look.” —

“Deepika Padukone - We’re happy being where we are. If we were uncomfortable with each other, we wouldn’t have worked together on this film. Right? Whatever has passed is past. Now we are friends.” —

“Deepika Padukone - He (Ranbir) won all the best actor awards last year. But that hasn’t gone to his head. I can’t see much change in his attitude.” —